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“Make your gathering successfully delicious”


10 people minimum (13.95  per person +tax)  MAKE YOUR REUNION EASY, JUST ORDER, PICK UP AND SERVE..


● Soft tacos ( serving 2 tacos average per person.)
● Choice of Meat (two choices)
● Tray of Fried Beans
● Tray of Rice
● Chopped Onion
● Chopped Cilantro
● Mild Salsa,
● Pico de Gallo
● Cheese
● Guacamole.
● Homemade tortilla corn chips. Order Now


30 people minimum (14.95 per person +tax)


Tacos, enchiladas or both.
● Soft tacos
● Enchilada (Green or Red)
● Choice of Meat (two choices)
● Tray of Fried Beans
● Tray of Rice
● Chopped Onion
● Chopped Cilantro
● Mild salsa,
● Pico de gallo
● Cheese
● Guacamole.
● Homemade tortilla corn chips. Order Now

Taco Bar

We go to your event’s location to serve your guests on-site, we set up a canopy stand, a taco griddle cooking station, where people can approach to be served.

40 People minimum.15.95 + tax per person.

Serving time 2hrs. (If more serving hours are required, charges will apply)
We need a 10×10 space to set up our canopy
Must be outdoor area to setup the taco griddle station.
Any substitutes additional charges may apply.


● Choice of meat (Three choices)
● Cheese quesadillas (optional)
● Fried beans and whole beans.
● Rice
● Chopped Onion
● Chopped Cilantro
● Salsas, mild, medium, hot.
● Pico de Gallo
● Cheese
● Guacamole
● Homemade tortilla corn chips.
● Salad
● Sour Cream
● Jalapenos
● Radishes
● Limes
● Utensils : Plates, forks, spoons, napkins.

Add 5 gallons of fresh Aguas frescas(flavored water) ice and cups for only $40

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